Instructions to help you use the NEDSCO card:

Your member number is the bar code number on the card.  There are more businesses available to “Shop and Save” at than the logos shown on the card.  To get a complete list, register your card.  Make sure you are using an email address that you can go back to respond back to our confirmation request.  After you place your user name and password in, NEDSCO sends a message to your email address for you to confirm you are a member.  Confirm this from your email.  Then go back and log on to our website.  Once you log on, click to see how much you can save using the NEDSCO card.  We can calculate it by your buying habits.  To shop, you can see the buttons at the top of the page.  Click on “Shop and Save”.  Then select what you want by Name, Brand, Product type, Regional Area, or School District.  There is a webpage or box listing for every merchant on the program.  Click on the pictures to see them better, and review our photo gallery of the interior and exterior view of each merchant location.  They list their discount in a box which is subject to change when they contact us to change it.  Most of the restaurants have a menu button to preview their menu. You may click on the map button to locate or get directions to each merchant.  At the very top of each school district, there’s a “click here” for a complete listing of merchants in your area.  Print off one for your wallet, and one for your car.  Print it off again if you lose it!  There’s a button at the bottom for Customer Service, & we appreciate your comments.        Enjoy!

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